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Why do you need Axepta?

Legal requirements imposed by governing bodies...
with respect to client acceptance and consequent client monitoring are a strain on every organization. Staying focused on providing the service your client approached you for in the first place is challenging when so much time needs to be spent on fulfilling requirements to be in the position to provide this service.

can help in maximizing the efficiency of your compliance procedures by offering a tool that allows you to create, follow up and manage your KYC files. Perhaps this will allow you to refocus your attention to your client, something we imagine you set out to do in the first place.

What can Axepta do for you.

Client on-boarding and AML compliance solution.

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Create a digital KYC file by following a 15 step workflow. Data on individuals, entities, source of wealth and funds as well as supporting documentation for this data is stored.

Files are reviewed and approved digitally by a compliance officer, senior staff and/ or management depending on your internal procedures. Generate real time KYC files for audit purposes.

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Monitor cash transactions by setting them off against a predetermined transaction profile. Bank movements are uploaded directly from your bookkeeping software or by files provided by your bank.

Non-cash transactions are also monitored but need to be entered manually. Transactions are marked as accepted if the counterparty and amount corresponds to entries included in the transaction profile, all other transactions are marked as rejected. Rejected transactions can be accepted manually whereby the corresponding counterparty and amount will be added to the transaction profile automatically. Connect your bookkeeping software allowing you to upload bank movements automatically. Both AFAS and Sage BOB 50 have been connected successfully. Transaction monitoring reports are automatically added a client’s KYC file.

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This thorough screening of individuals or organizations is possible with Axepta.

A query provides you with detailed information and is specifically developed to give you the ability to monitor your targets. The AML-Scan will provide the following screenings: * Politically Exposed Persons lists * Sanctions lists * Terrorist lists * Adverse Media screening

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Let Axepta talk to your CRM application in order to automatically create clients and fetch contact data. You can also connect your Axepta to Outlook , so you can’t loose any of your contacts.

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An exhaustive audit trail is created with each AML-Scan, onboarding step and transaction monitoring performed with Axepta.

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Client portfolio, risk reporting, KYC reporting, etc… Axepta gives it all.

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Documents and files can be attached in order to document and prove where the information during the onboarding process is coming from.

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With the DocSafe feature you will be able to request and receive all possible official documents on any company within 55 countries.

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